Get To Know Altify’s Spring ’22 Release

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Altify’s Spring ’22 release introduces Altify Account Plan: a long-awaited capability that’s included for all Account Manager customers. With Altify Account Plan, sellers can start building pipelines faster by working directly at the account level in Salesforce to understand people, problems, and potential.

The Spring ’22 release also includes a handful of key enhancements to Relationship Map and Sales Reference Manager designed to boost productivity and collaboration. Let’s take a closer look.

Altify Account Manager Enhancements

Introducing Altify Account Plan

Screenshot of a comprehensive revenue planning dashboard with categories for unplanned pipeline, planned pipeline, won opportunities, and whitespace tracking, illustrating an organized approach to sales account management.With Altify Account Plan, sellers can get going faster by starting to work on their assigned accounts directly from account records in Salesforce. At the Altify Account Plan level, sellers can refine account details, set objectives, and build actions to meet those objectives. Sellers can also identify whitespace in their accounts, record potential opportunities and qualified opportunities, and track closed/won opportunities.

Altify Account Plan helps expand Altify’s value to even more revenue team members. Working at the Altify Account Plan level, revenue team members can select a plan type that best matches their roles and goals. Plan types function like templates to provide a view of only the most relevant account information and available solutions, so each user can focus on what matters most to them.

For example, a Business Development Representative (BDR) working on an Altify Account Plan could use a plan type that only displays the account information and available solutions that matter to their role. Similarly, a Customer Success Manager (CSM) could use a plan type that focuses their attention on what matters most to their specific goals as a CSM.

Other Account Manager Upgrades

Accounts in Opportunity Maps now link to their related Salesforce accounts to make it easier for users to switch back and forth. This is particularly helpful for customers who want to store different information in Altify Opportunity Maps and Salesforce accounts. Users can also now add attachments to Objectives and Actions to capture more information in one go-to location within Altify for future reference.

Sales Reference Manager Enhancements

Sales Reference Manager can now surface even more relevant sales references by matching reference requests with Opportunity fields in Salesforce. This expands on the product’s previous ability to match reference requests with Account fields in Salesforce.

To help crowdsource even more high-quality sales references, now, Sales Reference Manager also allows users to nominate individual contacts as reference—not just complete accounts like before. Additionally, relationship owners can now decide whether individual contacts in customer accounts are referenceable. This enhances the previous ability to mark customer accounts as referenceable or un-referenceable.

Relationship Map Enhancements

Altify’s Spring ’22 release includes two upgrades to Relationship Map. Now, users can view contact details without leaving the contact panel in Relationship Map. Permissioned Altify administrators can also reorder sections in the contact panel on behalf of their teams to highlight the information they care about most. This flexibility helps align Altify even closer with how revenue teams work naturally to maximize productivity and save time.

Where Can I Get More Release Information?

Existing Altify customers can learn more about all the enhancements included in this release by visiting the “What’s New?” section in the Help Center. If you’re not already an Altify customer but would like to learn more or see a tailored demo, please don’t hesitate to contact an Altify expert.

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