Getting social media bits working together

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When I’ve come up with something that I want to write about, sometimes I’m not sure whether I can make my point in 140 characters on Twitter, or whether it merits a complete blog post. If you’re a regular reader you will know that my blog posts can sometimes run on a bit. Also, I know that some folks prefer reading blogs, and others are more at home in the Twitter world (is that Tworld?).

So, I thought there were two things I could do.

  1. First, I can always tweet when I blog, and point to the blog, and
  2. If I could include my Twitter feed on the blog, then the blog readers don’t need to leave the blog to view the tweets.

This is all of course supposing that the tweets and blogs are of some value or interest anyway. Now bearing in mind that while I’m technically savvy, in no way can I consider myself a programmer. My software engineering team remind me of that frequently when I say “But that’s really easy to do” when there’s a new feature I’d like to see in our Dealmaker Sales Performance Automation application.

In this case, it turns our that Twitter has made the second approach really easy to do. And as you will see below – it really seems to work. Go to the Twitter badges page, and with a little rudimentary knowledge, you will be able to figure this out for yourself.



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