How One Company Improved Its Sales Velocity by 400%

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The tagline on their website says Success is never an accident … it is always a result of passion.

When, on a recent webinar, Imrana Ghani and Tarek Khalifa of ITS told their story about how they dramatically improved the sales performance at ITS, their passion comes through at every turn; and the remarkable results they achieved were indeed no accident.

In this (edited) transcript from the webinar you will read about sales issues that I think you will find familiar. Facing CRM and sales process adoption challenges, Imrana – an MBA graduate from Halifax, Canada, but now based in the Middle East – led a carefully choreographed initiative that has delivered dramatic results for her company. Tarek, in his sales management role, embraced and informed the activity, and guided his team, and others to reap the rewards.

The results, in terms of improved win rate, growth in average deal size, increased number of opportunities and reduced sales cycle, are all very impressive – an aggregate 400% improvement in sales velocity. I think it is worth reading this story to the end to see the actual numbers they achieved, but also, and more importantly, to learn how they got there.

I’ve edited the transcript for brevity, but hopefully I’ve not edited out any of the passion that has fueled this tremendous success story. So, here, in their own words are Imrana and Tarek.

Background: International Turnkey Systems – ITS, is a leading integrated information technology solutions and software services provider based in Kuwait. It was founded in 1981 and has 3000 employees, and 350 satisfied customers in 45 countries. ITS services the Telecommunications, Financial Services, and Education industries, as well as other large enterprises in Oil & Gas, Government, Defense, Utilities, Transportation and Healthcare.

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