Making money on Twitter

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Last week I received a present of my very own (or our very own) Twitter mug (see photo). The customized mug features photos of some of those folks on Twitter who, in Twitter-speak, are following the Sales 2.0 Network. An enterprising mug maker in Cork, Ireland – who is also an active netizen with Twitter and blogging activities of his own – will create your own Twitter mug for you – if that’s what floats your boat.

With all of the hoopla about Twitter, and the recent rumors about Google as an imminent acquirer, it’s good to see at least someone has figured out how to make money from Twitter.

Most of the salespeople I talk to about Twitter are pretty confused as to what it is, whether it’s a useful business tool, or just another way of being constantly interrupted. To shed some light on the topic, I’ve compiled here some useful links that you might find useful to help you figure out where Twitter might fit in your arsenal of sales 2.0 tools. (Hint: after LinkedIn, Jigsaw, Plaxo etc.)

  1. Here’s a great video that explains how Twitter works: Twitter in Plain English
  2. An interview with Twitter CEO Evan Williams, and finally,

  3. Some mercenary guidance: Make Money with Twitter! 5 Monetization Models

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