Open Letter from Donal Daly, Altify CEO

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If you’ve known The TAS Group, or been interested in raising the performance of sales professionals, I first want to say thank you for being our partner on our journey. Today, at The TAS Group we are at another turning point as we change our name to better reflect your ambition and aspirations, and the value and values that we bring to help raise the performance of the entire revenue team. Our new name, Altify, represents the next chapter and future of the TAS Group.

When we started this business it was with a single goal – to help sales professionals raise their performance, to get to a higher place. That’s what Altify means. In 2005 we started in the cloud before it was called the cloud. We embedded knowledge, context and insights. Built on a foundation of the TAS methodology our Dealmaker platform has been at the heart of major sales transformations.

As our company has evolved, yours has also progressed, and the markets into which you sell have changed. The demographic shifts, increased speed of market evolution, and the changing technology landscape all bring a different set of challenges. As we now serve the whole revenue team, not just the sales team, to meet those challenges, we felt it appropriate and timely to change our name to reflect that. Altify is about altitude, and is our promise to elevate your revenue team to a better-equipped go-to-market approach with your customers at the center.

Today is not just about the name change to Altify.

We are also announcing Altify Max, the world’s first Augmented Intelligence Platform for Sales. The TAS methodologies are being baked into the platform and we have added the insights we have learned from interactions with over 1,000,000 sales professionals. And with Altify Max you can extend the knowledge and insights yourself for your own business.

We are also announcing Altify Knowledge, a methodology and research center focused on delivering learning and insights to you to better equip you to succeed. The first product from Altify Knowledge is the Altify Buyer / Seller Value Index 2016, a study of 1,245 participating buyers and sellers – illuminating their different perspectives, and prescribing some approaches to reduce friction and increase productivity in the buyer / seller interaction.

As I said at the outset, we were cloud before it was cloud, and much of our vision has been shaped by our heritage in Artificial Intelligence. We are very pleased to see general market acceptance of these concepts now. But we will continue to innovate to drive our future vision, and Altify Max and Altify Knowledge are just the first two milestones on that road. We look forward to continuing to raise the bar, to bring our customers to higher levels of performance and commitment to their customers.

We have often taken the road less traveled – seeking the best path for our customers and many of you have been with us every step of the way. We are grateful to you for that. We know sales transformation is essential for you and Altify elevates this to the next level.

Thank you for traveling with us.



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