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I am ridiculously excited by the early response to my new book: Digital Sales Transformation in a Customer First World.  At over 100,000 words (540 pages) it took a lot of late nights and  long weekends, but I got a lot of help along the way.  I am particularly indebted to those really busy people from world-leading companies who took the time to review an early draft of the book, and provide gracious testimonials. Just needed to say thanks and share.

Early Reviews for Digital Sales Transformation | In a Customer First World

The customer of the future is not the customer of the past and sales organizations have to engage differently. At the core this book is a blueprint for the future of Digital Sales Transformation. Tiffani Bova | Global Customer Growth & Innovation Evangelist | Salesforce

Most people just assume the Digital Transformation is all about tech. I love that Donal sees what’s always been at the heart of transformational change people. That sounds philosophical, but this book is actually more strategic and execution-oriented: a must-read for anyone in sales and post-sales leadership. Nick Mehta | CEO | Gainsight

Customer first. Donal reminds the reader of this important theme. As we navigate in this complex world, a seller must stay focused on the customer, in order to be successful and truly transform sales. This book provides a blueprint and is one I recommend to anyone working in a Sales or Marketing organization. Sanjay Poonen | Chief Operating Officer, Customer Operations | VMWare

Digital Transformation is driving profound change in how customers engage. With the right balance of methodology, technology and a focus on the customer, Digital Sales Transformation | In a Customer First World is the blueprint for salespeople to make their customers successful and outpace their competition.  Mark Roberge | Senior Lecturer | Harvard Business School

Outstanding food for thought in this book for modern enterprise B2B sellers. Donal provides great insights around how to select the right customers and then create value for them.  A clear guide on how to balance Augmented Intelligence with human judgment to achieve success. Chano Fernandez | Executive Vice President, Global Field Operations | Workday

The future, with all its anticipated marvels and challenges, is not just around the corner; it is already here. Digital Transformation is impacting every aspect of our lives. The everyday flow of information and the attention that it demands is only going to increase, and all of us have to adapt to it in order to deliver business success. This race for attention impacts our customers as well. Digital Sales Transformation | In a Customer First World does a wonderful job explaining the details and the technological impacts of these changes, as well as dedicating a lot of space in the book to describing the inevitable changes in the way that customer relationships will develop. Donal delivers vital advice for any sales manager living in our new digital era, at the same time putting his finger on a key and ever-relevant point, saying that the basics of sales aren t gone. The first and perhaps the most important question a salesperson can ask himself is:  What problems does your customer have that you can solve better than anyone else? This question is really timeless; business problems might be different, the way you solve them might be different, but the basic rules of selling are as relevant as ever.  Richard van Wageningen | Senior Vice President IMEAR | Orange Business Services

This book is thought provoking and inspirational. Donal explains with tremendous clarity how Digital Transformation can be used to get closer to customers. It is a must read for all sales leaders who value and aspire to a Customer First experience. Jon Ireland | Business Change Executive | SDL plc

Donal Daly’s Digital Sales Transformation | In a Customer First World should be on every business leaders mandatory resource list, especially for those of us who know they need to boost their commercial team’s organic impact … but don’t know how to practically tackle all that needs to be done in such a complex customer / competitor world. Donal gives practical advice, processes and metrics that you can adapt to your own business circumstances and his contemporary and extensive research into how today’s customers are thinking and wanting to be served differently brings a critical mirror to reflect how well or not you are servicing your key and future accounts … and what you should be doing about changing the way you manage your sales force’s interactions with their customers. While much is talked about the data evolution and artificial intelligence, Donal breaks it down into a realism he coins as augmented intelligence and again challenges us to apply these new tools in a smart way to overcome the tidal wave of overwhelming reports that fail to inform adequately or fast enough. Patrick Hogan | Vice President Commercial Excellence | Honeywell

The world of selling (and buying!) is undergoing dramatic changes driven by Digital Transformation and most importantly, customer expectations. Donal provides a clear framework to assess these changes and enable leaders to adapt to extract value for themselves and their customers. Avanish Sahai | Vice President Worldwide ISV and Technology Alliances | ServiceNow

Digital Sales Transformation is a recipe for collaborative customer success. Donal unveils his Customer Impact Architecture to explain how today s customers want to buy and clearly explains how to apply methodology, process and technology for sales success.  This book is extremely valuable to both buyers and sellers. Ingrid De Doncker | CEO | iDDea

Donal’s book provides a comprehensive and thoughtful analysis of modern sales strategies, reflecting the twin dynamics of Digital Transformation and Customer Centricity. A must-read for those preparing for the future of selling, by one of the world’s foremost experts in sales transformation. Umberto Milletti | CEO | InsideView

Sales process automation has become table stakes for organizations looking to maximize growth. In Digital Sales Transformation | In a Customer First World, Donal expertly outlines how you can take the next step by leveraging AI. The potential to deliver near real-time actionable insight to buyers based on where they are in the process is game changing. That being said, this is more than a theoretical discussion on technology. It s a blueprint for how a company should run Sales. Any Sales Leader, CEO or Board Member would benefit from reading this book. Don Soucy | Executive Vice President of Global Sales | Spok

The heart of digital transformation is the business model shift. In this post-sale, on demand, attention economy, we no longer sell products but deliver on a brand promise. This must read book by Donal will help executives understand how the seller can start with empathy for the customer and build their transformation from this first principles design point. R “Ray” Wang | Principal Analyst & Founder | Constellation Research, Inc.

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