Sales Performance Automation: The Payoff Part I

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I love it when a plan comes together, particularly when that involves one of our customers gaining huge payoff from implementing Dealmaker. Recently, I received a copy of an article in CRM Magazine in which (unknown to me) a customer of ours – Fleetpartners, a fleet leasing company in Australia – recounted their real-life experience of implementing a CRM and Dealmaker. The full article is available to view at CRM Magazine, but I thought it worthwhile to share the experience with you.

First the payoff:- According to the article, since turning to Dealmaker, Fleetpartners has:

  • realized a 400 percent increase in new business contracts in 2009
  • increased pipeline opportunities from 48 to 520 in a year
  • seen an expansion in average fleet size per opportunity from 57 to 156
  • reduced the number of accounts lost per month from 8.6 to 0.8, and
  • boosted the average number of new contracts per month from 1.3 to 7.8

Now that’s what I call a payoff!

Adam Trevaskus, director of sales and marketing at Fleetpartners was responsible with driving the change. Newly appointed in April 2008, he quickly discovered that “There was no particular discipline or methodology being applied in the sales area.” The company was already using, but as with many organizations, as Trevaskus says “It wasn’t maximized in [his] organization.”He then selected Dealmaker. It was important to him that it offered out-of-the-box integration with salesforce.

“That would encourage people to use even more, and give them a reason to go to the system,” Trevaskus says. “If, as part of sales methodology, you can discern existing accounts, win new ones, and increase penetration in existing ones using Dealmaker, the methodology is beautifully simple. We could actually incorporate disciplined thinking by the use of good questions, and involve the board of directors here as well. I knew that there needed to be participation from the wider executive team in the sales processes. They needed to have confidence that the sales team going out into the market had the right approach and was asking the right questions.”

The payoff described above has all happened since Dealmaker was deployed in July 2008! I think that is a spectacular result given the economy we all experienced and is a testament to Adam’s remarkable leadership. According to Trevaskus, a new culture has emerged in his organization, and the implementation has placed his company back in the fast lane.

“This has helped to completely turn around our ratios in terms of loss and win rates, the number of opportunities we have, and the quality of the [potential sales].” he says.

The full story is available here.



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