The best B2B marketing copy ever! No Really!

1 minute read

You know how it goes (with tongue stuck firmly in cheek.)

"ABC Company is the world leader in the XYZ market.
Our Shiny Object has Awesome Features that Everyone Needs.
ABC Company – Plan for tomorrow, today!

We’ve all done it. It’s in the press release boilerplate piece at the end. It is in the About Us section of the website. Are you still awake? (Shouldn’t there be an About You section?)

I don’t know how this helps a buyer to buy, or a seller to sell. I really don’t.

How about this instead …

Unlike other providers, we solve this specific problem, for this specific buyer, and we don’t waste other people’s time.

The key is in the ‘Unlike other providers’ bit and the ‘specific’ focus.

There are usually many different solutions to solve a problem. What do you do that is ‘Unlike other providers’?

Assuming that you have some unique value for a specific buyer, figuring out how to express that will help you to be the best answer to solve a specific problem for a specific buyer. Then, why would the buyer go anywhere else?

If you’re feeling undervalued, then you probably have a communication problem.

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