What we’ve learned so far

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When I wrote the first post on the Sales 2.0 Network, just a few months ago, it was entitled ‘It’s not always a good idea‘, and it questioned the very need for S20N . I didn’t know whether the world needed another blog (well it didn’t), or whether anyone would visit or read what the various contributors had to say (well you have). So, far the response has been very positive – the readership is growing much faster than we could have hoped. But we’ve learned a few things along the way … Here are some thoughts:

5 Pointers

  1. Focus on what’s in it for the reader (Deliver real value to the audience – don’t try to sell or self-promote)
  2. Stay on topic (Try not to wander into un-related areas just because you have something to say)
  3. Make it easy to access and share (Building the community can only come from within)
  4. Measure (Keep an eye on what’s working, and what’s not by monitoring reader response)
  5. Shorter is better (Use links and references, and keep the posts short)

What do you think? Any thoughts you’d like to share or areas you’d like discussed?



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