Understand Key Decision Makers and Buying Groups to Drive Revenue

“We always have to remember that people buy from people. That fact is absolutely essential.” – Sarah Bennett, Vice President, Global Finance and Revenue Operations, Informatica

Revenue growth isn’t easy. But it can be simplified.

Relationship mapping; stakeholder mapping; influence mapping. These terms may sound vastly different, but they are much the same. At their core, they all aim at discovering the same invaluable information: who matters within your account, and how can you help them?

When gathered into a tangible, visible document, relationship maps can aid your account-based sales approach, and deliver a decisive advantage over your competition.

But what does it take to truly succeed at relationship mapping?

In this eBook, we are going to cover everything you need to know to get started with relationship mapping, including:

  • Common misconceptions surrounding relationship maps
  • How relationship mapping helps you tackle buying groups
  • Creating a relationship map in five steps
  • Visualize influence within the relationship map
  • The benefits of relationship mapping
  • How insights are the final frontier of relationship mapping

Relationship Mapping eBook

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