The Sales Leader’s Guide to Account-Based Selling Software

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The days of lone-wolf selling are over, particularly when it comes to your company’s most strategic accounts.

Account-based selling (ABS) rallies your entire revenue team around each high- value account and, in collaboration with the customer, uncovers the real business motivations behind their purchase. By bringing in a wide range of perspectives across marketing, product, customer success, sales, and others, you can paint a more complete picture of the pressures facing the account, the most important people in it, and the unique ways you can position your solutions to help them reach their goals.

In this definitive guide to account-based selling, discover:

  • What account-based selling is, and why it matters.
  • How to choose the right account-based selling technology for you.
  • The key outcomes you can expect from that technology.
  • The impact of AI in account-based sales software.

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