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Altify Introduces Call Planner: Software to End Ineffective Sales Calls

Mobile call planning supports Collaboration, Objective Setting and Results Measurement for Every Sales Call

Mobile call planning supports Collaboration, Objective Setting and Results Measurement for Every Sales Call

Dublin and Seattle — Sep 19, 2016 — Altify, the global leader in sales transformation, today announced the release of Altify Call Planner, the world’s first mobile application to help sales professionals achieve the best outcome from every sales call. Altify Call Planner is the only app in the Salesforce1, iOS or Android application ecosystem that delivers best practice call planning methodology to guide sales teams to collaborate and strategize on sales calls.

According to Forrester Research, only 25 percent of sales calls with executives result in a follow up call, while our own research, the Altify Buyer/Seller Value Index 2016, reports that the cost of these dead-end sales meeting is $38,635 per salesperson per year. Altify Call Planner makes every sales call matter. It combines the latest cloud and mobile technology with world-class sales methodology incorporating 30 years’ sales experience, to make sales calls with customers more valuable for both buyers and sellers.

“Getting a meeting with a customer is increasingly difficult for today’s sellers. When they get the meeting, it is critical that they can make it count”, said Donal Daly, CEO of Altify.” Seller’s can really only control two things; who they call on, and what they say when the get to the meeting. Now, with Call Planner on the phone, the sellers can ensure that they are optimizing the result from every sales call, making sure they are fully prepared and that the meeting is most productive for them and their customer. Everyone wins.”

Collaborate effortlessly with colleagues to build better call plans, faster.

For sales people: Call Planner enables sellers to plan, capture and track call plans across all accounts and opportunities, easily deliver a clear meeting outline and agenda to both customers and team members, and ensure better preparation to execute calls flawlessly.  Participants can capture outcomes on the fly with responsive contextual notes. Action items don’t fall through the cracks and effective strategies can be documented and repeated.

For sales management: Altify Call Planner inspires team collaboration by inviting the whole team to work together to chart out the call, delineate roles and define next steps. Managers can empower whole teams with a proven call plan structure that delivers repeatable and consistent call plans. Improve CRM engagement by making it even easier to enter opportunity data.

Additional Benefits of the Platform

Native on Salesforce: Altify Call Planner is 100 percent native on Salesforce, and works in both Lightning and Classic.

Easy integration and implementation: Altify Call Planner automatically integrates with all other Altify products to bring industry-leading sales knowledge to every stage of the sales process. Pull the deeper opportunity or account context into view while building a call plan, know the status of the opportunity, gain insight from the buyer relationship map, understand the present dynamics in the account to quickly determine the right objectives, understand the customer’s perspective and be prepared to handle their objections.

Free 30-Day Trial: Altify Call Planner will be available for a free 30 day trial to enable you and your team to experience the benefits of the platform firsthand.

Altify Call Planner will be available for General Release on September 28th.

About Upland Altify

For progressive B2B sales organizations, Altify helps sales teams make their customers more successful, so they win the deals that matter, increase wallet share in existing customers and manage overall sales team performance. With applied knowledge and insight we make it easy for your customer to buy from you, making it easy for salespeople, managers and executives to accelerate revenue growth consistently.

Customers include: Autodesk, BMC, BT, GE, HP Enterprise, Johnson Controls, Optum, Salesforce, Virgin Media Business and more.

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