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Sales Leaders Plan for Growth In 2016; Focus on Expanding Within Strategic Customers Through Account Planning

Account Planning priorities send Donal Daly of The TAS Group’s book, Account Planning in Salesforce, back to #1 on Amazon’s bestsellers list

Account Planning priorities send Donal Daly of The TAS Group’s book, Account Planning in Salesforce, back to #1 on Amazon’s bestsellers list

San Francisco, CA — Dec 22, 2015 — As sales organizations around the world gear up for 2016, they plan for growth in two key areas: acquiring new customers and expanding within their current customer base. Smart organizations know Account Planning is the best way to identify new opportunities in existing accounts, find new opportunities faster, maintain happy customers, and drive increased revenue.

This trend has driven sales leaders to learn from best practices for Account Planning. The TAS Group, the global leader in Sales Transformation, today announced Account Planning in Salesforce, authored by CEO Donal Daly, has again reached number one on the Amazon bestsellers list.

“As CEO of the company leading the Sales Transformation, I have access to an incredible perspective of sales organizations learning how to optimize and increase their yield from existing accounts,” said Donal Daly, CEO of The TAS Group. “Only 53 percent of salespeople effectively maximize revenue from their existing accounts, yet we know revenue from existing accounts is six times more profitable than new deals, and the win rate is seven times higher. It’s clear that industry leaders are recognizing the opportunity and building plans to capitalize on it.”

Account Planning, aligned to a CRM system, is a critical part of a successful sales strategy, and Salesforce is the world’s leading CRM platform. Salesforce uses The TAS Group’s sales transformation platform to do its own account planning, and more than 200 other organizations also use and benefit from its software.

Key Advantages of Account Planning:

  • Account Planning helps customer-focused organizations deliver mutual value. In a world of better informed buyers and more competitive pressures, sellers who focus on customer benefits are the ones who develop long, sustainable relationships.
  • Focusing on strategy helps salespeople understand the true problems that customers are dealing with, and what impact their solution might have. It arms them to bring valuable insights that can propel their customer’s business forward.
  • Investing in account planning lays a foundation for a long, trusting relationship, leading to more revenue and less competition. It can be six times more profitable to sell to an existing customer and the win-rate can climb to as much as seven times greater.
  • Engaging customers in the planning process turns salespeople into trusted advisors who play a real role in the decision making process, making sales less of a pitch and more of a partnership.