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The Tas Group Evolves as Altify, Accelerates Innovation and Research to Take Sales Performance Higher

Altify Builds on the TAS Heritage of Helping Sales Teams Apply Proven Methodology to Systematically Grow Revenue and Make Their Customers More Successful

Altify Builds on the TAS Heritage of Helping Sales Teams Apply Proven Methodology to Systematically Grow Revenue and Make Their Customers More Successful

Dublin and Seattle — Apr 13, 2016 — The TAS Group, the global leader in sales transformation, today announced it is now Altify, a name that reflects the company’s focus on helping its customers achieve their highest goals. Altify believes customer success shouldn’t just be measured in transactions, but in the lifetime and network value of each business relationship. Altify guides organizations to create value through the sales experience and make every connection between business buyers and sellers a win-win outcome. Leveraging its 30 years of sales knowledge and cloud software, Altify’s newest innovation provides its customers with Altify Max, the first Augmented Intelligence Platform for Sales.

“The TAS Group was in the cloud even before it was called ‘cloud,’ and we’ve been developing sales methodology for 30 years” said Donal Daly, CEO of Altify, formerly The TAS Group. “Our vision from the outset has been to take world-class methodology, blend it with smart enterprise cloud software and make it universally accessible, leading to a more professional level of selling. Now, we want to raise the bar again and help our customers ‘altify’ — achieve an even higher altitude — for their performance. We chose the name Altify to reflect this higher aspiration of great sales teams: to create value for both their organization and their customers.”

“When BMC began transforming its business over two years ago, the focus wasn’t only on bringing innovative, new products and solutions to market, but also on embracing a fundamental shift in everything we do to deliver a totally new experience for our customers,” said Paul Appleby, executive vice president, Worldwide Sales and Marketing at BMC. “We selected The TAS Group for its ability to combine powerful customer-focused solutions with a constant lens on supporting our business transformation. Under its new brand, Altify will continue enabling BMC to innovate, further our own business transformation and accelerate our customers’ digital journeys.”

The TAS Group has consistently set the standard for a cutting-edge approach to sales, having been one of the first to adopt adaptive “smart” technology and integrate real-time data, sales methodology, knowledge and contextual analytics into its solutions. It has also experienced dramatic growth over the past year, working with companies such as Autodesk, BT, GE, Johnson Controls, Optum and Salesforce to create better outcomes for customers.

“The TAS Group’s technology has helped us genuinely advance our business, and now they’re working to change the sales profession as a whole,” said Janice Rapoza, Director, Global Sales Operations at Brocade. “Software has shifted toward solutions that combine data, context and intelligence to provide more effective results. As the company moves forward as Altify, it will continue the industry movement toward a more advanced, customer-focused breed of sales.”

Altify also today announced Altify Max –the first Augmented Intelligence Sales Platform. Altify Max is integrated across the complete Altify Platform, encompassing account management, opportunity management and sales performance management. Altify Max watches what is happening in the opportunity, the account, the pipeline and forecast, assesses the impact and notifies the salesperson to act, prescribing the next best action to take. Altify Max has 30 years of deep sales knowledge and insights built into the software and customers can extend and customize the knowledge with their own insights. This real-time coaching solution makes sales teams exponentially more effective for greater sales results.

With Altify Max, and the Altify Platform, every salesperson becomes a sales expert with a deeply insightful understanding of their customer’s problems. This higher level of selling, which only AltifyMax makes possible, was the inspiration for the name Altify.

Amongst the first initiatives under its new name, Altify announced the launch of Altify Knowledge – a knowledge and research resource for its customers and the broader sales community. Altify Knowledge has started by publishing the Altify Buyer/Seller Value Index 2016, a first-of-its-kind research study of 1,245 buyers and sellers across 66 countries. Altify Buyer/Seller Value Index 2016 uncovers the truth about the gaps between buyers and sellers, when buyers engage sellers, the costs incurred by both parties, and the opportunity to create greater mutual value.

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For progressive B2B sales organizations, Altify helps sales teams make their customers more successful, so they win the deals that matter, increase wallet share in existing customers and manage overall sales team performance. With applied knowledge and insight we make it easy for your customer to buy from you, making it easy for salespeople, managers and executives to accelerate revenue growth consistently.

Customers include: Autodesk, BMC, BT, GE, HP Enterprise, Johnson Controls, Optum, Salesforce, Virgin Media Business and more.


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