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Embracing AI – Your Future Sales Assistant

Join Upland Altify and Salesforce for a discussion that dives into the reality of the AI transformation for enterprise sales and key considerations for a successful AI journey.

In today’s dynamic business landscape, the intersection of artificial intelligence and enterprise selling will become a game-changer, redefining how organizations approach sales, buyer engagement, and overall business success.

The shift is on, with IDC noting that 89% of organizations have made AI investments. And those investments are proving to be transformative: 37% of sales professionals believe AI is completely transforming their roles and responsibilities.

This webcast looks beyond the hype to uncover:

  • The reality of the AI transformation of the sales process
  • The impact on sellers and the buyer experience
  • Addressing common AI-related skills questions
  • Considerations for data management and security
  • Pros and cons to assess before investing in new AI sales capabilities

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