4 Steps to Account Planning Beyond Key Accounts

  • September 14th

    10:00am CDT / 11:00am EDT / 4:00pm BST

Did you know that analysts estimate 70-80% of the average company’s annual revenue is now from existing customers? With that in mind, how is your company approaching account planning beyond just enterprise or named accounts?

Account planning, if used correctly, helps you increase your revenue share by uncovering new opportunities and allows your whole team to impact every part of the customer experience.

Join the webinar and hear real account planning challenges and successes from Altify customers at global enterprises and learn how to tailor the right approach for your business. You can’t miss this discussion covering:

  • Best practices on how you can optimize your approach.
  • Shifts in mindsets that can make account planning easier.
  • Enhanced enablement scale & support in a post pandemic environment.
  • Operationalize account planning with software tools.

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