Best Practices in Account Management – Grow Revenue in Key Accounts with Merkle


Account Planning is an essential part of any high-performing sales organization. It’s about finding new potential opportunities in your accounts. Recent research (Altify’s Account Planning Book of Evidence) suggests Account Planning delivers dramatic results:

  • 60% win rate improvement in existing accounts
  • 26% shorter sales cycle
  • 14% greater deal size
  • 55% better customer loyalty

Watch our on-demand webinar featuring Cathy Griffin, Associate Director, Sales Enablement from Merkle and Áine Denn, Co-Founder & EVP of Altify to learn how Merkle uses Altify’s Account Management to:

  • Identify white space for cross-selling and upsell opportunities
  • Access key players to accelerate the sales cycle
  • Implement a consistent methodology
  • Accurately measure revenue targets and pipeline goals

Learn how to drive improvements in your account management process to increase your win rates and revenue.

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