Customer Success: The Revenue Team’s Secret Weapon with Gainsight


Once a siloed collection of customer-oriented activities spread across the enterprise, Customer Success has evolved into its own discipline and category, with a crucial role in driving customer outcomes that influence revenue retention and growth.

Customer Revenue Optimization is all about creating value at every touchpoint, making Customer Success a key component of CRO strategy and the revenue team.

Watch our on-demand webinar with Bob Slaby, Chief Customer Officer at Altify, and Bryan Hamblin, Chief Sales Officer at Gainsight to gain insights and actionable tactics for how you can begin to transform Customer Success in your organization.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Origin and evolution of the Customer Success function
  • Trajectory of the Customer Success profession
  • Customer Success’ important role in Customer Revenue Optimization Strategy, and as a member of the Revenue Team
  • Which businesses and industries need Customer Success
  • How successful companies leverage process, tools, and data to help customers succeed
  • How values and mentality factor into the equation
  • Where the Customer Success organization lives
  • Key metrics managed by Customer Success

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