Sales Leadership Panel: Unlocking key buyer insights to drive revenue

Meet the speakers

Watch our informative webinar featuring a distinguished panel of enterprise sales experts as they discuss the challenges shared by revenue teams, and actions they can take to achieve their business objectives in 2023 and beyond.

  • Understand buyer motivation and the hurdles they aim to overcome
  • Uncover pivotal stakeholders and who holds the power and influence
  • Guide sellers with contextual actions, insights, and best practices
  • Synchronize your team and engage with buyers as a trusted advisor
  • Identify common “Red flags” and how to leverage them to secure successful deals

Sales leaders and entire B2B revenue teams continue facing a challenging business landscape. Buying groups have expanded, competition has grown fiercer, and a mere 14% of businesses believe sales teams are reaching their key decision makers.

Overall, sales and buying cycles have become more complex. Nevertheless, a seller’s mission remains unchanged: convince buyers that the solution provided is the best for their business. To succeed at that, it’s imperative to cultivate meaningful relationships with the relevant stakeholders. Anticipating your buyer’s needs, ambitions, and comprehending their problems, challenges, and objectives become paramount.

Watch our on-demand webinar to hear the real experiences of a selected panel of global sales leaders on how they’ve found innovative ways to engage with buyers and demonstrate value back to the business to drive revenue growth.

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Meet our panel of experts

Kirsten Lemke

Managing Director, Americas


John Polidori

Global Head of Account Management


Travis Hill

Managing Director, Strategic Consulting

Upland Software

David Hammond

Vice President of Sales

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