Sales Transformation: Path To Excellence with Hyland

Learn transformation best practices driving success in business every day.

Transforming a sales organization is never easy, and there are challenges that can result in failure along the way. When executed properly – applying a combination of strategy, methodology and technology to align resources to focus on customer needs and enable value – the chances of successful adoption and lasting excellence increase drastically.

Hyland is one great example of the gold standard in executing a sales transformation successfully. Join Craig Sawicki, VP Performance Excellence at Altify for a discussion with key stakeholders from Hyland as they reveal transformation best practices driving success in their business every day.

What You’ll Learn

  • What problems lead an organization to launch a sales transformation initiative
  • How to structure a sales transformation initiative
  • Why it’s crucial to go both wide and deep in organizational planning
  • Tips and tricks for driving adoption
  • How winning sales organizations leverage process, tools, and data to help customers succeed
  • How to continue building on initial successes


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