Understanding Sales Velocity: 4 Levers to Impact Revenue

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How quickly can you move a prospective customer through your sales pipeline to generate revenue?

In today’s B2B market, the slower your deals mature into fruition, the more business you lose to your competition. So, the need for speed is a pressing factor.

Take a closer look at the sales velocity equation and the 4 levers that directly impact the success of your sales initiatives: the number of deals in play, the deal size, the win rate, and the sales cycle length. During this webinar, Deirdre Sommerkamp, VP of Solutions Consulting, Operations & Enablement at Upland Altify, will show you how to apply this formula for success.

Learn how to work diligently to create value for each prospect and customer with a well-defined account-based sales methodology and innovative sales process for planning, uncovering, and creating more high-value, win-win opportunities.

Watch this on-demand webinar and identify the simple improvements you can implement to improve your sales velocity across your most important accounts and opportunities.

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Meet our panel of experts

Deirdre Sommerkamp

VP of Solutions Consulting, Operations & Enablement at Upland Software

Deirdre Sommerkamp is currently VP of Solutions Consulting, Operations and Enablement for the Sales Effectiveness business unit at Upland Software. As a technology, customer experience and sales execution thought leader, she is passionate about simplifying the complex, solving problems with technology and delivering better customer experiences through revenue team collaboration. Her expertise and passion have made her an in-demand speaker at industry conferences.

Mike Shea

VP Global Sales at Upland Software

Mike Shea is an accomplished sales leader with over 20 years of senior experience. He has successfully led and scaled teams at several prominent companies, including Salesforce, where he was among the first 400 employees. Currently serving as the VP of Global Sales for the Sales Effectiveness business unit at Upland Software, Mike has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to driving sales growth and excellence. He is renowned for his 'lead from the front' approach, which emphasizes a strong 'go to market' sales methodology. This includes fostering collaboration in complex account management, promoting opportunity management discipline, and implementing digital sales relationship prospecting.

Bart Fanelli

Founder & Global GTM Executive

Bart Fanelli is a seasoned sales executive, field operator, and executive advisor known for his ability to build successful go-to-market (GTM) organizations. He has held leadership roles at OutSystems, Splunk, and BMC Software, where he led teams of over 275 employees within companies generating more than $1.5 billion in revenue. Fanelli was featured in a 2017 Harvard Business Review article and is a co-author of "The Success Cadence." His latest venture, Skillibrium, is a platform designed to facilitate growth for GTM organizations at the individual, team, and organizational level.

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