Why Account Planning Matters: The Future of Account-Based Selling

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Watch this 60-min webinar and learn how to handle complex B2B sales motions.

Today salespeople face a challenging reality – B2B buyers are increasingly adopting a digital self-service approach. Data sourced from Forrester B2B Buying Studies and online surveys conducted by Forrester have detected that 67% of buyers prefer not to interact with a sales rep and 61% prefer to gather information on their own. Yes, customers continue to shift to online channels for their transactional purchases. But the fact is that when making critical purchasing decisions, B2B buyers still rely on human relationships with sellers.

In this on-demand webinar, Guest Speaker and Forrester Principal Analyst, Seth Marrs, will be talking to Upland Altify Managing Director and Strategic Consultant, Travis Hill, to discuss why strategic account planning matters, how it helps you increase revenue, and improve sales velocity across your most important accounts.

Don’t miss this opportunity to take a deep dive into complex sales motions, buying groups challenges, and how your revenue team can take actionable steps toward effective account planning by leveraging account-based selling strategies, methodology, and technology in your sales organization.


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Meet our panel of experts

Seth Marrs

Principal Analyst - Forrester

Seth brings more than 20 years of experience leading sales operations, service operations, and marketing organizations. He excels at leveraging data, process, and technology to drive growth in organizations of all sizes and in all industries.

Travis Hill

Managing Director, Strategic Consultant - Upland Altify

Travis is a sales transformation leader who combines deep sales process knowledge, effective sales methodology usage, and cutting-edge smart technology to help revenue teams scale best practice sales behaviors across their organizations. A 10-year veteran of Altify, Travis has led the digitization of sales process, opportunity management, and account management methodologies at some of the world’s largest, most complex sales organizations.

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