Are you Ready to go Beyond Telecom Expense Management?

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Nowadays, Telecom Expense Management is more than just controlling monthly costs associated with the use of mobile and fixed phones; everything related to technology is now part of the monthly billing. The management of expenses is going beyond telecom means your expertise should to. But does it?

Outsourcing Technology Expense Management

Why should you have to master the management of all your technology expenses when you can outsource it to someone that specializes in it?

The task of managing all your technology assets and services can be arduous and you shouldn’t have to do it. So why bother? Outsourcing your TEM will not only cost you less but it will also be more efficient and you will have the required knowledge, expertise and experience on hand right away!

A Checklist Beyond Telecom Expense Management to Get you Started

Great news! The Telecom Expense Management industry offers this service as well. You can now rely on experts to manage your technology costs beyond only managing telecom. Would this solution be the answer to all your inherent telecom problems? It sure is. We’ve created a checklist to help determine whether or not you should consider going beyond Telecom Expense Management.

The questions will address specific topics such as :

  1. Inventory Control – Everything related to asset lifecycle: What kind of assets do you manage? How many do you have? What are the costs related to them? Who is using them? Where are they located?
  2. Cost optimization – Everything related to the usage of your assets: Are employees using them to their full potential? Are plans adapted to the needs of the employees? Do you and your employees have a clear view of what is being used and how?
  3. Processes – Everything related to orders, provisioning and billing: Are the tasks related to your services and assets automated? Can you and your employees use a specific portal to place your orders?
  4. Managed Services – Everything related to your capacity to manage your technology expenses: Do you have the internal expertise to manage your Telecom? Does this expert have the required experience to deal with all of your technology costs? Is it time to outsource this task?

It will only take you a few minutes to answer this two-page questionnaire. We are sure it will provide you with more details on what to expect if you decide to outsource the management of your technology costs to a TEM Provider and what your next move should be.

Download the Checklist today and get started!

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