Success Story

DeSoto County Schools eliminates 90% of student registration paperwork.

This busy Mississippi district took student registrations online, eliminating paperwork by 90% while drastically improving service times.

Each year, the families of 5,000 new students and 30,000 returning students in the DeSoto County School District submitted their student registration information. Administrative staff collected each student’s registration packet and manually processed everything as quickly as possible. To add to that, the state of Mississippi requires districts to retain permanent student records for more than 75 years. That’s a lot of paper, staff time to maintain it, and storage costs adding up.

Even with all hands on deck, staff worked for months to process several hundred thousand documents, working overtime to get the students’ information uploaded into PowerSchool by the start of the school year. They needed a better way to get work done.

Customer success highlights

  • Eliminated 90% of paper student registration files
  • Created a more efficient, comprehensive registration experience for parents and families of new and returning students
  • Improved registration processing, taking it from months to a few days
  • Eliminated costs associated with paper, such as printing, transporting, and storing files

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The challenge

The staff at DeSoto County Schools spent considerable hours each school year manually collecting new and returning students’ registration packets and processing each one as quickly as possible. Even with all hands on deck, staff worked for months to process several hundred thousand documents to get the students’ information uploaded into PowerSchool by the start of the school year.

How they did it

FileBound’s out-of-the-box software seamlessly integrated with the district’s PowerSchool system. That meant that students and parents could easily submit registrations online, and all student information and supporting documents are entered directly are immediately stored in FileBound’s secure cloud. Staff can easily access and review student information securely via PowerSchool from their office or while working remotely. With very little training time, the DeSoto team can now accomplish work in a few days instead of weeks—or even months.

The results

Student records are now easier to access and retrieve from any location, whether staff is in the district office, on one of 42 campuses, or working remotely. Instead of manually processing registrations for 35,000 students each year, information routes automatically to the right student file in PowerSchool for staff to access and review.

Service to students is faster than ever because everyone benefits from a more user-friendly and efficient process. Families can easily submit information online using forms and include all needed supporting documentation like medical records, permission forms, e-Signatures, and more.

Eliminating paper also makes it much easier for staff to track 75 years worth of records and reinforces a more secure and comprehensive approach to a disaster recovery plan. The district has eliminated the majority of costs associated with paper, such as printing, maintaining, transporting, and storing physical paper files, while ensuring compliance with state retention standards.

“Before implementing FileBound, we had data sheets that needed processing stacked halfway up the wall. Today there is no paper—by the first day of school, all student information is in our SIS, supporting documents are electronically stored, and we’re ready to go!”

Melissa Green
MIS Director
DeSoto County Schools

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