FileBound for K-12 Education | Overview

“It’s been so beneficial to have workflows, notifications and alerts so we can improve our productivity.” - Hesperia Unified School District, CA

FileBound’s solutions allow K-12 educators and administrators to streamline student services by providing faculty secure and reliable access to critical student information like medical needs, required student modifications, language resources, or advanced placement programs, while also building efficiencies in central office operational processes – such as personnel management, onboarding and training, background checks, facilities and equipment requests, and more.

FileBound also aligns with budget constraints and works in tandem with your districts’ existing student information systems (SISs), accounting/finance packages (ERPs) to ensure immediate adoption across faculty and administrative staff.

We help K-12 school districts focus on what really matters – providing students and their families with the best services and resources possible by ensuring faculty have access to required student documentation and records while simplifying central office requests and processes.

Benefits of FileBound’s solutions for K-12 district management:

  • Interface Integration with existing SIS, ERP, and human resource processes promotes quick adoption.
  • Automation of central office and HR processes such as resource contracting, personnel action forms, onboarding and training, disaster recovery – and so much more! Streamlined processes means more time to focus on larger district initiatives and student-centric services.
  • Safeguard student and faculty privacy by enforcing rules and security protocols specific to the faculty, staff, or administrator need.
  • Ensure audit-ready compliance standards so your district can easily and accurately comply with state and federal reporting requirements while enforcing disaster recovery.
  • Faster access to student resources improves student comprehension, enhances your district’s reputation, and helps to achieve funding mandates.
  • Utilize cloud capabilities or on-premises packages and flexible licensing options to enhance your district’s technological capabilities while conscientiously adhering to your defined budget

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