How to Eliminate Paper Forms at Your Entity

Learn how FileBound is helping Volunteers of America Colorado and other nonprofits nationwide to digitize client resource requests, simplify paperwork processing, and get time-sensitive aid to their community more quickly.

Ready to give your nonprofit’s busy staff better technology to help the community you serve? We have a great story to share!

FileBound’s automated document management technology is already helping nonprofits such as Volunteers of America Colorado to digitize paperwork and content gathering, streamline approvals processing for client resource requests, and more.

In this 40-minute webinar, we share:

  • A walk through practical applications of FileBound for everyday nonprofit processes
  • Featured success story from Volunteers of America Colorado
  • An informative product demonstration

Watch this on-demand webinar now to learn more.

Presented by:

Chad Epperson, Account Executive
Upland Software
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Mike Pritchard, Vice President of Administrative Services & CFO
Volunteers of America Colorado


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