InGenius enables intelligent analysis in Salesforce

January 25, 2017 2 minute read

Upland Admin

InGenius® Connector Enterprise 5.0 consolidates your call data and customer information in Salesforce, making it easy to obtain the facts you need to drive the performance of your contact center agents, and improve customer service. Calls are automatically logged inside the CRM, providing accurate and consistent details so contact center managers can make better decisions. Call data ranges from standard details like call duration, to specialized information like wrap-up codes and agent call notes. The collection of specialized information is enabled through codes and call log templates that you can easily tailor through web configuration tools, to match your business processes in any way you need.

Pre-configured reports show agent-level information with data on individual performance, and team-level information with overall contact center data that can be scoped to a designated time frame. Metrics include:

  • Average handle time
  • Total talk time
  • Successful call counts
  • Call results
  • Successful call list
  • Volume reports

The 2016 Dimension Data Global Contact Centre Benchmarking Report found 71.5% of contact centers say analytics enables better agent performance. Having the tools and information required to provide exceptional customer service makes the difference between keeping and losing customers, and InGenius can help. With the new Salesforce reports package from InGenius, contact center managers get a 360-degree view of customer call interactions and a big picture look at agent productivity for intelligent analysis and decision-making.

InGenius Report Package

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