Click-to-Dial Software by InGenius

Click-to-cal by InGenius® software allows sales agents to make more calls in less time and accurately report activity in their CRM. Sales reps can click any phone number in the CRM to make a call. They never need to leave the CRM window, and never waste time punching in numbers manually or misdialing.

Video Transcript

Leading organizations use InGenius Connector Enterprise to improve agent productivity and sales results. With InGenius click-to-dial, agents can make more calls easier and faster, with no chance for misdials.

This is Julia. Her job is to call prospects and make sales. She spends time every day dialing through a list of numbers, speaking with interested prospects and logging notes about each call. Her goal is to close sales as quickly as possible.

Using click-to-dial, Julia can click any phone number in the CRM to make a call without having to leave the CRM window, waste time punching in numbers manually or making misdialed calls from a desk phone. The InGenius interface lives inside the CRM and allows agents to increase call capacity. Click-to-dial is available from any CRM record, including leads, contacts, accounts, and custom objects or entities.

Here’s another agent, Mike, that’s trying to reach a prospect at a specific company. He can use click-to-dial from the list of contacts in that account, or he can use the InGenius search bar, entering a name or phone number, then clicking to place the call. Mike also has the option to use the InGenius configurable speed dials for regularly dialed numbers.

All calls are automatically logged in the CRM so managers can track performance as the day progresses.

Using click-to-dial allows teams to call more prospects each day and record their activities accurately.

With over 20 years of experience in computer telephony integration, InGenius helps build world-class sales teams. For more information on our click -to- call with CRM integration feature, visit us today at

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