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Discovering CTI – An Inside Look at Computer Telephony Integration

By offering a set of cutting-edge, efficiency-boosting applications, CTI can rapidly improve agent performance

What is CTI?

Computer telephony integration (CTI) is a fundamental part of any high-performing contact center that enables organizations to connect their existing phone system to their customer relationship management (CRM) system or service management platform.

By offering a set of crucial, efficiency-boosting applications such as click-to-dial, automated call logging, CRM screen pop, CRM screen transfers, and more CTI can rapidly boost agent productivity and improve call quality leaving customers happier and more satisfied with your services. And a happy and satisfied customer is a loyal customer.

Everything you need to know about CTI

In this whitepaper, you’ll learn what CTI is and how CTI can make calls more efficient and effective by adding critical CRM insights to customer conversations. Key takeaways include…

  • An introduction to CTI technology and the impact it can have on key stakeholders
  • The essential features and functionality of modern CTI for you to consider when choosing a CTI provider
  • How CTI delivers a return on investment (ROI)

Download the whitepaper the learn everything you need to know about getting started with computer telephony integration (CTI) today!


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