Is cloud fax right for your nonprofit organization?

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When serving your community is at the heart of all you do, it’s important to surround yourself with secure, reliable technology that will enable you to make the most of your resources. AccuRoute CloudFAX’s secure online cloud fax services do just that! We want to help you minimize time-consuming tasks like paperwork so you can focus on spend more time changing the lives of those you serve. We offer a fantastic cloud fax solution that is not only secure and compliant but also helps your nonprofit staff streamline their processes and cut overhead costs.

What are the biggest benefits for nonprofit organizations?

  1. Simplify processes.

You can get rid of those old, clunky fax machines and MFPs. Instead of waiting for a fax to come through or worrying about busy phone lines, you can automatically send and receive messages through your online portal, which is securely accessible from any web-enabled device. Another benefit of InterFAX is our automatic routing feature, which makes it simple to both direct faxes to intended recipients and ensure that the information isn’t accidentally intercepted by unintended parties. That means no more shuffling papers or filing documents – it’s already done for you in the cloud!

  1. Protect sensitive information of clients and donors.

At AccuRoute CloudFAX, our services meet the world’s most stringent security requirements, such as HIPAA and PCI DSS, which ensures the safety and security of all personal information that you transmit. Whether it’s protecting the banking information of your generous donors or making sure your client’s social security numbers don’t land in the wrong hands – we are here to help.

From TLS encryption for incoming and outgoing communications, our unique “Delete Fax After Completion” feature, to authentication via private and public key signatures, we are committed to offering the highest level of secure services. With that peace of mind, you’ll be able to continue raising money and offering services to make a positive impact on the community you serve.

  1. Save on overhead costs.

By using AccuRoute CloudFAX’s online cloud fax services, your staff can send and receive faxes utilizing any scanning device – which means you can ditch the fax machine or MFP that’s taking space in the workroom! Even better, you can reallocate budget that you’ve historically allotted to paper, toner, or equipment maintenance. Our fully hosted solution offers guaranteed continuity and unlimited scalability – with no hardware installation, software licensing, or additional phone lines required.

AccuRoute CloudFAX can help!

Let us help you find a way to reduce your overhead by switching to our secure cloud fax service. With AccuRoute CloudFAX, you could be spending that extra budget on so many other things to enhance the amazing services you’re already providing to your clients! Contact us for a live demo to learn about how cloud fax could make a difference for you AND those you serve.

Have questions about data security? Check out our datasheet.

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