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Enterprise-class HIPAA-compliant cloud fax

Empower staff at your healthcare office with the security and ease of InterFAX cloud fax.

We know it’s true of many transitions – sometimes just getting the process started can seem like a daunting effort, especially when your communications infrastructure needs to be consistently up and running to ensure superior patient services. InterFAX is a leading HIPAA-compliant fax solution for enterprise, cloud fax services, providing enhanced security and encryption for inbound/outbound fax messages.

From our evaluation, through strategic planning, rigorous testing, to migration of services and ongoing support from our team, we are here to ensure that your transition to InterFAX is fast, reliable, and allows you to continue business-as-usual with no interruption to service.

Download the guide for an overview of our security standards and a quick walk through our migration process.

Download the guide

Why HIPAA-compliant cloud fax matters

  • Easy to use. Who knew that sending a fax could literally be as simple as sending an email? Simply send a fax from a web browser by logging in from any device.
  • You control access. Our system authenticates users and operators via username and password to enforce appropriate access rights.
  • Secure as heck. Fax messages can be delivered in encrypted formats such as signed email (PKI), so that patient identifying information (PII) can be securely transmitted and delivered. Our servers are housed in secure environments, which can only be accessed by approved personnel.
  • Audit-ready, always. All faxes sent and received through our servers can be viewed and tracked online using mail confirmation messages. Our system provides a full audit trail of faxes sent and received through our servers.
  • Automatic fax removal. Messages containing sensitive content can be automatically deleted from our servers upon delivery. Nobody, including InterFAX customer service staff, can view patient-identifying information.
  • Zero IT maintenance. We handle the maintenance and infrastructure so you have zero maintenance to worry about.
  • Easy migration. We understand that integrating new systems can be daunting. That’s why our migration process is fast and seamless – so you’re up and running without any interruption to service.
  • Ongoing support. We offer robust, hands-on global support to our users to help resolve any urgent issues in real-time, with a live representative in the region’s local language. We also provide extensive online Help resources for general questions that arise.


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