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Objectiflune Technology Datamapper Diagram
OL Connect DataMapper

Leverage data across systems and documents

  • Extract or collect data and print streams from any source
  • Process data from both current and legacy systems
  • Populate documents and workflows with captured data
  • Set up a standardized data model regardless of its source
  • Transpose data into a format fit for use on any layout
OL Connect Designer

Design, enhance, and repurpose communications

  • Design documents from scratch or repurpose from print streams or PDFs
  • Construct templates for multi-channel output with an easy-to-use interface
  • Enrich documents using dynamic text, images, barcodes, graphics, and more
  • Apply consistent personalization and styling techniques for each channel
Objectiflune Technology Designer Diagram
Objectiflune Technology Workflow Diagram
OL Connect Workflow

Automate document processes

  • Build and manage customized workflows with a drag-and-drop interface
  • Automate the processing, distribution, and archiving of business documents
  • Trigger independent and simultaneous workflows
  • Integrate with third-party systems and applications

How OL Connect works

Improve the creation, distribution, interaction, ​and maintenance of your business communications.

Streamline Business Processes Icon
Information input

Collect and extract data and documents from any system or source— ERP, CRM, legacy systems, PDFs, or OL Connect Send.

Objectiflune Document Composition Icon
Document composition

Repurpose your existing documents or create new personalized content for multi-channel outputs. Add images, barcodes, inserter controls, and more.

Objectiflune Organize Output Stream Icon
Organize output stream

Put some conditions and logic into your outputs. Easily split, merge, group, and sort files.

Objectiflune Distribute Icon

Automate processes using rules and conditions to control its final format and destination. Web browser, email, folder, printer, EDI, ECM archive, and SMS.

Objectiflune Interaction Icon

Use your digital output to create new digital inputs. Prompt additional processes based on recipients’ behaviors.

A function and feature rich software

OL Connect gives you what you need to enhance document creation, simplify processes, and expand to digital outputs

Input and data management
  • Extract data from any source: Raw data, PDF, and​ OL Connect Send
  • Input data from various methods and remote locations
  • Build consistent data models and tag data to create and automate communications
  • Manage versions, external values, and unavailable data
Document composition
  • Design documents with dynamic text, images, graphs, and more
  • Personalize multi-channel templates with variable data
  • Enhance documents using data from original print stream structures.
  • Add barcodes, folder inserter control marks, and QR codes
Automation and connectivity
  • Configure processes and trigger document production via any means.
  • Create and deliver multi-channel communications simultaneously
  • Plan processes through a powerful scheduler
  • Automatically archive documents to third-party systems and applications

Output management
  • Run print devices at optimal speeds and increase productivity
  • Streamline workflows, print production, and mailing procedures
  • Easily control post-processing and production requirements
  • Sort mailings and insert barcodes for efficiency and postal savings
  • Enable multi-channel output capabilities
Multi-channel delivery
  • Produce PDFs for digital presentation and storage
  • Generate personalized responsive HTML emails
  • Develop dynamic personalized web pages and dashboards
  • Archive to ECM/EDM systems to facilitate workflows and approvals
  • Provide personalized mobile texts (SMS) with links to web pages
  • Integrate with EDI and digital signature systems
  • Deliver digital invoices and offer secure invoicing processes
  • Store and send documents requiring a signature without user interaction

OL Connect Editions

These license editions offer varied options and features to best suit your
business requirements

Objectiflune PrintShop Mail Connect Icon
OL Connect Desktop

Ideal for commercial print and marketing services to deliver personalized promotional communications.

Objectiflune Connect Pro Icon
OL Connect Professional

Best suited for medium to large companies to simplify business-critical document processes and produce multi-channel output.

Objectiflune Connect Enterprise Icon
OL Connect Enterprise

Tailored for businesses to generate high-volume print production and personalized multi-channel output

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