RFP Automation and Proposal Automation Partners

A Shared Vision of Innovation, Collaboration & Customer Success

Qvidian works alongside a select group of partners to deliver solutions to customers all over the world in industries of all kinds. Through their efforts, we have been able to help many organizations automate proposals and automate RFP responses, create better proposals faster, and win more business.

Our partners are selected based upon their high level of professionalism as well as their sustained record of success in helping businesses and organizations implement lasting solutions.

SalesEdge LLC

SalesEdge LLC helps small and medium sized companies implement Qvidian proposal automation and ensure the delivery of selling documents that include RFP responses, sales proposals, statements of work, DDQs, security questionnaires, and presentations. SalesEdge can help you gain a competitive edge by implementing Qvidian with training and best practices that improve productivity and sales performance.

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nFold, South Africa

Founded in 2001, nFold offers proposal training, software and consulting services. As exclusive distributors for Qvidian in Africa, our focus is on helping you to win more and work less. Our experienced consultants are certified by APMP and we represent Tom Sant’s best practices. We write words that win.

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Hobs Repro

Hobs is the only value-added reseller for Qvidian in Europe. They partner with clients long term, working to ensure that they use Qvidian effectively, by providing support with administration, governance, automation and content management. They also extend Qvidian’s functionality through custom Word and InDesign templates.

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Tacit Consulting is an Asia Pacific based consulting organization that provides a range of complimentary sales, implementation and support services to Upland Qvidian proposal automation. We also assist companies to become more strategic in their thinking and how to leverage scarce internal resources to be more productive, releasing proposal teams to focus their efforts on delivering better quality documents that win more often.

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