Success Story

F5 answers RFxs 30% faster with Qvidian, empowering sellers to win more deals.

With Qvidian, F5’s sales team creates RFx responses 30% faster. After acquisitions, F5 trusted Qvidian to capture new product details and get sellers up to speed.

F5, a global technology leader, was storing its RFx response and proposal content in several fragmented repositories spanning 76 offices and 43 countries. The company considered Qvidian as a way to consolidate its proposal content into a central, searchable database and win more deals.

To test Qvidian’s impact, F5 ran an experiment. First, the company replied to a complex RFP manually. Next, F5 deleted the answers and replied to the same RFP using Qvidian. The company created a higher quality proposal in two-thirds of the time with Qvidian.

RFPs fly in out of the blue like a comet. You can’t plan for them, they’re time-dependent and time-consuming, and you have to handle them as a team. With Qvidian, we answer RFPs 30% faster, and the quality is better.
– Richard Duncan, Sr. Director Systems Engineering, F5

Over the past few years, F5 has made several strategic acquisitions to win more deals. Each time, F5 relied on Qvidian to bring its sellers and support teams up to speed on the latest additions to its product portfolio quickly and efficiently—before they encountered a wave of related inquiries and RFxs.

Recently, F5 had 5,000+ question and answer pairs in its Qvidian library. This number grows organically every month and jumps dramatically with each acquisition. Qvidian’s Salesforce integration also helps F5 track RFx wins and losses, examine trends, and uncover opportunities.

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