Success Story

Fifth Third’s sales team builds 100 proposals and presentations monthly with Qvidian.

With Qvidian, Fifth Third Bank keeps 20K+ content records in compliance with strict requirements and creates 100+ proposals and sales presentations monthly.

Fifth Third, a leading money manager in the Midwest, wanted to grow while maintaining agility and controlling costs. The company first began working with Qvidian in 2008. At the time, Fifth Third’s salespeople were developing their own proposals using different information sources, varying processes, and inconsistent messaging. As a crucial component in capturing new business, Fifth Third wanted to streamline its sales proposal process and ensure its salespeople could always find the most relevant content.

Qvidian’s popularity sparked interest and drove adoption company-wide.

During implementation, Qvidian guided key Fifth Third users in building a central proposal content library. When word got out about having a one-stop-shop for approved content, teams across the company began requesting access. To simplify accessibility, Fifth Third defined which content users could see by role.

Maintaining our content is easy now. With Qvidian, we’re able to manage version control and have a central documentation repository to store source documents, drafts, and final copies. I couldn’t imagine doing my job without Qvidian.

– Amanda Peck, Knowledge Manager, Fifth Third Bank


Fifth Third centralizes approved sales and proposal content.

Fifth Third’s sales team now uses Qvidian to create proactive proposals, presentations, and RFP responses, with at least 75% of licensed users accessing the software monthly. The team reports considerable time savings as compared to their legacy manual methods.

What started as a place to store approved proposal content has grown into much more. Fifth Third has enlisted subject matter experts (SMEs) from throughout the organization to support maintaining a vast library of approved self-service content. Fifth Third’s monthly content downloads alone are up 375% (from about 200 downloads per month to 7,500).

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