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Why making an investment in customer communication is key to success in financial services

There’s no two ways about it: challenger banks are transforming customer communication.


Delivering a Smarter, Outcome-Driven Customer Journey

The ability to gather customer sentiment and emotion at any moment, will...


CX (Customer Experience) Essentials: Doing Continuous Improvement Feedback The Right Way

Remember, continuous improvement feedback should be about starting a conversation with your...


One Person Tells Two Friends: Why it Pays to Harness the Power of Stories

No matter how old we are, stories convey information and help us...


Say, You Want a Raveolution?

In the world of CX, stories are everywhere – whether that’s the...


Why Brands Must Capture Feedback from the Silent Traveller to Improve Customer Experience

A great customer journey isn’t just about the added extras, it’s about...


Manage Customer Expectations The Right Way

There are plenty of agent behaviours which will keep clients making happy...


How Emotion Is Changing The Face Of Customer Feedback

We all love customer feedback. It makes our performance better, our messaging...


Empowering your Frontline Heroes: Why Great CX Starts with Employee Engagement

It makes sense to emphasize the importance of this in the customer...

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