Upland Software Awarded KMWorld’s “100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management”

March 11, 2019 4 minute read

Upland’s KCS v6 Verified Enterprise Knowledge Management (KM) solution, RightAnswers, honored for the 8th year.

AUSTIN, Texas, March 11, 2019 / — Upland Software, Inc. (Nasdaq: UPLD), a leader in cloud-based Enterprise Work Management software, today announced that its Enterprise Knowledge Management (KM) solution, RightAnswers, was awarded a place on the list of 100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management by KMWorld for the eighth time. The prestigious list features organizations who not only demonstrate, but who also help their customers establish, ingenuity, resourcefulness, and expertise in knowledge management.

Upland Software received the award in recognition of its Enterprise Knowledge Management Solution, RightAnswers, which enables knowledge creation and sharing across the enterprise. RightAnswers is a KCS® v6 Verified knowledge management and self-service platform that drives efficiency in support organizations and delivers knowledge to users throughout an enterprise by combining AI-enabled search, user-friendly interfaces, gamification, federated content across multiple sources, and industry best practices. Along with its core IT Support and Customer Service markets, the RightAnswers platform is well suited for Human Resources (HR) and Finance as a complement to existing Upland solutions, such as Professional Services Automation (PSA), Project and Portfolio Management (PPM), and Customer Experience Management (CXM), extending Upland’s ability to help companies build knowledge and drive improved customer experiences.

“The 2019 KMWorld 100 list spans a wide variety of companies that are each addressing the evolving demands of knowledge management,” said Tom Hogan, Group Publisher of KMWorld. “Some are long-standing companies with well-established offerings that have evolved over time, while others are much more recent entrants to the field. In selecting organizations to be included on the list, we consider insights gleaned from our own interactions with companies during interviews and events, how they have succeeded in helping customers solve business problems, and we review product updates to make sure that capabilities are advancing to address evolving requirements.”

“We are delighted to have been selected as one of the 100 Companies that Matter in KM by KMWorld for the eighth time,” said Mounir Hilal, SVP and Chief Customer Officer at Upland Software. “We believe our inclusion on this list is evidence that Upland Software is fulfilling its promise to help our customers deliver the highest quality customer experiences, guarantee consistency across all channels, and promise world-class knowledge management. As demonstrated by our wins in this market, our customers trust us to anticipate new challenges and drive innovation in Knowledge Management.”

Key capabilities that differentiate Upland’s RightAnswers KM solution from the competition:

  • KCS® v6 Verified; plus 90-day KCS onboarding and incorporation of 70 KCS processes
  • Enhanced customer support capabilities by enabling third party chatbot initiatives, which utilize robust REST API’s and chatbot framework powered by RightAnswers knowledge
  • Easy-to-use interface featuring knowledge gamification, decision trees, and personalized dashboards
  • Delivery of superior customer service through enhanced collaboration, increased knowledge creation, and greater knowledge sharing
  • Integration with existing CRMs and ITSMs, such as Salesforce.com and ServiceNow, or with any other systems being used across the enterprise
  • Demonstrated success in expanding knowledge management beyond IT and enabling all teams and departments in an organization to be Subject Matter Experts (SME)

To view the full 100 company listing, visit: http://www.kmworld.com/Articles/Editorial/Features/KMWorld-100-Companies-That-Matter-in-Knowledge-Management-2019-129903.aspx

In addition to the list itself, Upland’s RightAnswers KM solution has also been included as a contributor to the “View from The Top” article from KMWorld that appears in the same issue. To learn how to maintain the momentum of a KCS initiative throughout the enterprise, go to: http://www.kmworld.com/Articles/Editorial/View-from-the-Top/Upland-Software-Laura-Lockley-Head-of-Customer-Success-What-is-KCSTM-(Knowledge-Centered-Service)-and-how-is-it-different-130432.aspx

To learn more about RightAnswers or to request a demo, visit: https://uplandsoftware.com/rightanswers.

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