KCS at the Core of Your Service


Customer support can make or break an organization, yet it remains an oddly ad hoc process at many companies, relying on knowledge stored in the heads of SME or in unmaintained documents or file stores. This setup can take considerable tolls on the productivity of support teams, not to mention the company bottom line.

Watch the on-demand webinar where you will learn the secret and inside scoop on how to lead a successful support operation.  Hint: KCS (Knowledge Centered Service).

In this webinar, Laura Lockley discusses the importance of a KCS enabled organization that will help you define priorities and set your support organization up for success.

About the Presenter: Laura Lockley (Yeomans) is an expert in the field of Knowledge Management and KCS. She is a qualified KCS Trainer and has many years of experience in running her own knowledge practices and Contact Centers, as well as training and coaching others in Knowledge Management practices.

RightAnswers by Upland Software is the first KCS Verified V6 solution. And we are also certified to provide Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS®) training and certification to clients and to other knowledge professionals. For more information, visit: https://uplandsoftware.com/rightanswers/rightanswers-resources/training/



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