Inventory Optimization Tool

Use our Inventory Optimization Tool to optimize your supply chain

Ultriva’s IOA is a tightly bound assessment of your current-state inventory performance. To perform the assessment, your historical data will be run through our Inventory Optimization Tool. The entire process takes 2 – 3 days to perform. Then the results can be shared with you with one of Ultriva’s Inventory Experts.

How it Works:

Your company provides Ultriva with historical inventory data for a group of parts. The inventory data is loaded into our Inventory Optimization Tool, also referred to as the Lean Assessment Tool or LAT. Lastly, review your IOA project with your team or with Ultriva inventory experts.

The IOT Tool performs the following analysis tasks:

  • Back simulates and then graphically displays customer’s historical consumption / replenishment patterns for each part
  • Performs an S/X analysis (standard deviation overmean) on each item in the study and assigned a value (1 – 10) indicating the variability of consumption for the item.
  • Identifies items that are candidates for conversion to pull-based replenishment
  • Calculates the Kanban loop size for each Item and then superimposed the recommended replenishment pattern over the actual historical replenishment pattern for the same period
  • Compares historical consumption / replenishment patterns to Ultriva’s recommended eKanban replenishment patterns
  • Calculates the impact (both inventory dollars and inventory turns) of Ultriva’s eKanban methods as applied to the parts in the IOA study
  • Produces a management report detailing findings

Why You Should Consider This Offer:

  • Get actionable business intelligence on your current-state inventory performance
  • Get supporting data to help you build the business case for change in current-state inventory replenishment methods
  • Similar assessments led by consulting firms would cost you thousands of dollars and take weeks to complete, This only takes 2-3 days and it is FREE!
  • Implementing our recommendations will improve your inventory and supply chain performance, while freeing-up operating capital to redeploy into your business