Ultriva’s Partner Philosophy

Ultriva isn’t just a software company

Ultriva is focused 100% on the business objectives of our customers. Helping our customers meet these objectives requires complete solutions. To do that, Ultriva is constantly on the lookout for quality partners that can help our customers. Below are the best partners we have found across all aspects of lean manufacturing.

Integrated ERP Solutions

Manufacturing companies use their MRP/ERP systems to run their business financials. Even when the shop floor is not using MRP, it is critical to keep the business systems current with inventory and production information.

Ultriva solutions have been successfully integrated with several organizations’ ERP systems and even other industry specific manufacturing applications. To assist our customers, several applications have been successfully integrated with Ultriva products in addition to the solutions highlighted here.

Ultriva supports interfaces such as files, EDI, XML, API, Screen Emulators and databases. Some of the Business Systems with which Ultriva interfaces are BPCS, PRMS, MACPAC, SAP, ORACLE, NETSUITE, BAAN, QAD, COPICS and CINCOM.

Our Ultriva Integration Documentation page has information on our standard published format.