Real-time Access to Demand-Driven Supply Chain Required to Improve Productivity and Profitability

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Large global manufacturers recognize the success of the supply chain depends on visibility across all. But two-thirds of manufacturing and distribution professionals report having a hard time keeping everyone up-to-date.

While 79% of manufacturing and distribution professionals report that it is important or very important to have anytime-access to internal files, and 90% require access files outside of the office, nearly half (49%) still struggle with accessing files any time.

  • 50% struggle with sharing large files
  • 84% are concerned about the security and privacy of files
  • 49% feel it is difficult to connect on projects and work collaboratively with others outside the company, such as prospects, customers, suppliers, and partners

These findings, released as part of a workplace study, demonstrate a gap in productivity that leads to costly errors. The data accessed remotely is not the same among C-level global manufacturers as compared to content examined by supply chain managers or purchasing professionals. The ability to access 24/7, real-time, SaaS, demand-driven supply chain data is now a responsibility throughout the enterprise, to help in avoiding costly errors and aid in strategic decision-making. Some of the experts in upcoming issues of Kanbanversation, a weekly episodic interview program, report the following attributes about real-time inventory visibility:

  • “Being able to collaborate and share information back and forth on a timely basis becomes a powerful tool.”
    Scott Stickles, Application Consulting Manager
  • “Being able to log in and immediately know inventory is right there, or see a backup of three orders, or that there is one order on a truck on its way to me, is vital information. Manufacturers must know they are covered, and have the ability to react.”
    Butch Dority, Application Consulting Manager
  • “Visibility means suppliers can look at the critical parts of an order that are very high risk of stocking out.”
    Narayan Laksham, Founder
  •  “With Ultriva supplier portals, suppliers can see exactly what plants are looking for instead of building based on blank purchase orders. The supplier can log in and see the demand, see the consumer inventory, see inventory management. They can see exact customer demand, so they can build accordingly.”
    Pushparaj Shanmugam, Director of Software Engineering
  • “Internal end-to-end visibility makes for a smoother supply chain.”
    Jacob Soucek, Account Executive, Inside Sales
  • “As the supply base moves overseas, visibility becomes much more difficult with significant time zone differences.”
    Edward Conrey, Senior Application Consultant

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