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Optimize production planning, scheduling, and execution with Upland Ultriva

Flexible supply chain management software that enhances production planning and execution from the top floor to the shop floor.

Upland Ultriva’s Lean Factory Management module helps production planners and schedulers proactively manage the manufacturing execution process.

Perform rough-cut and finite capacity analysis, adjust on-the-fly, validate, and then move to production.

Ensure required materials are on-hand.

Automatically sequence the release of manufacturing orders to minimize unnecessary set ups and changeovers with an easy to use manufacturing operations management solution.

Track and report on production performance in near real-time to include Overall Equipment Effectiveness metrics.

With Ultriva’s Lean Factory Management module, you get:

Real-time visibility of demand changes: Production planners and schedulers can quickly perform rough-cut and finite capacity planning to ensure the optimal utilization of available manufacturing resources. Define release sequence of manufacturing orders to minimize unnecessary set-ups and changeovers. Resequence manufacturing orders based on changing business priorities.

Automated capture and reporting on all production operations: Get up-to-the-minute information on work orders staged, in-process, partial completion and completed. Never second guess where your orders are – sub-assembly lines, final assembly, on a shelf in a warehouse, or at a supermarket.

Lean production scheduling and sequencing: Formalize and sustain lean production and continuous improvement within the shop floor through internal pull and optimized job sequencing. Automatically release and stage completed work orders to downstream work centers.

The Ultriva Lean Factory Management module is part of the Ultriva Lean Execution Suite, which offers end-to-end supply chain visibility, collaboration, and execution for manufacturers.

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