AccuRoute CloudFAX’s new User Interface is here!

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Team AccuRoute

The wait is over. AccuRoute CloudFAX 2.0 is officially here!

It’s been in the works for months and we’re so excited to announce that AccuRoute CloudFAX 2.0 has launched! This update includes an enhanced new User Interface that elevates the user experience by incorporating UI best practices and Upland standards for accessibility. In addition to the new features it offers, this sleek new User Interface allows for smoother integrations with other Upland Content Lifecycle Automation products to create a more reliable and feature-filled roadmap. The AccuRoute CloudFax user Interface is designed to replace our legacy interfaces, Secure and CP, in order to standardize the user experience.

Download the datasheet

Ready to give it a try? Log in using your existing AccuRoute CloudFAX credentials at the link below!

AccuRoute CloudFAX’s New User Interface

Print to Fax Driver

Our new User Interface offers the ability for AccuRoute CloudFAX to be utilized through a new downloadable print driver by selecting “Print to Fax” as a printer in the print dialogue of any application. You can find access to download the Print to Fax Driver on the top right dropdown navigation next to the AccuRoute logo. Select “Download Print to Fax” to start the download and step through the installation prompts. Done!

Now you can submit a fax through AccuRoute CloudFAX from any print-enabled application. Simply choose the “Print to Fax” printer when printing any document, enter metadata, and send the fax.


This product update also allows users to apply pre-built or build their own additional standardized pages that can be sent with the fax documents. With this first release of Templates, we are supporting cover pages. The Cover Pages Template gives users the ability to create both static and interactive templates that allow them to customize the areas included in the cover page. This new feature supports images, so you can put your logo and company boilerplate in the header or footer of each document.

Bulk Downloads

Being limited by the ability to download only one fax at a time is frustrating. That’s why we’ve created the ability for you to select multiple messages and download them all at once! 

Home Page Widgets

The home page is now a fully customizable area where standard users and admins can choose and apply “Widgets” to create a custom dashboard that opens upon login. Widgets are small tools varying in function and create easy access to key features of the broader set of everything contained in AccuRoute CloudFAX 2.0, such as an inbox and outbox that shows a user’s most recent messages side by side.

What else can I expect?

This new UI provides a more sleek “Upland feel” to the product. By adhering to the Upland standard model, we not only give users what they’re used to seeing, but the update allows us to provide more advanced and impactful feature updates down the road. We welcome your feedback and encourage users to reach out with any issues or questions at

You can easily access updated documentation for the new User Interface in the AccuRoute CloudFAX Help Site. If you have any questions or need more information, please fill out our contact form or open a ticket through Support on the Upland Community.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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