Upland Software Announces Latest Release of AccuRoute Secure Document Capture and Fax Solution

December 7, 2017 4 minute read

Brandon Cummings Product Manager

Upland Software Drives Improved Data Loss Detection and Prevention with Latest Release of AccuRoute Secure Document Capture and Fax Solution

Customer-driven enhancements, platform improvements, and greater interoperability highlight AccuRoute’s first major release with Upland.

New Content Monitor module identifies sensitive numeric patterns and key terms by transforming documents into text-searchable information.

With data security and compliance at the forefront of organizations’ processes and policies, AccuRoute Content Monitor delivers new features to help facilitate data loss detection and prevention. As documents are scanned, faxed, or printed, secured content contained in the documents has the potential to be inadvertently transmitted or delivered outside its intended use. AccuRoute Content Monitor transforms the content to text-searchable information, where it can then identify numeric patterns that may indicate the presence of confidential information or sensitive data like social security and credit card numbers, or key terms such as “private”, “confidential”, and “security”.

“As a new customer of Upland AccuRoute, we find the product to be extremely extensive and easy for end users to operate,” said Patrick J. Carey, Network Administrator, Kamps Pallets. “We look forward to taking advantage of the breadth of additional features, including those announced in AccuRoute’s latest release.”

“The almost daily reveal of significant security breaches around the globe coupled with the introduction of new compliance and regulatory requirements, such as GDPR, are driving more stringent security requirements of technologies that handle sensitive information,” said Sean Nathaniel, CTO and SVP of Workflow Automation Solutions of Upland Software. “As a leading provider of Workflow Automation solutions, it’s imperative that Upland Software continuously add new dimensions of security protection for our customers and their data.”

Additional feature highlights of this release include:

  • Improved user experience by adapting AccuRoute Queue and Help Desk into the new AccuRoute Apps format of the web client
  • Improved employee productivity with records room digitization
  • Enhanced printing capabilities that allow users greater access to printers from anywhere, including mobile devices, as well as a pre-configured stamp option
  • Greater interoperability with new application and document management system integrations
  • Upgraded stability and reliability through platform improvements with the UplandOne operating platform

Upland AccuRoute is a fully integrated solution that securely automates and accelerates business process workflows. AccuRoute’s expanding portfolio of technologies seamlessly integrate with virtually any multifunction peripheral (MFP), business application, and/or content management system to enable organizations to streamline document-driven processes. AccuRoute provides simultaneous document capture, processing, fax, and delivery of paper and electronic documents to multiple destinations and multiple formats in a single process.

For more information on this release, visit http://info.uplandsoftware.com/accuroute-new-in-6.0.html or request a demo today: https://uplandsoftware.com/accuroute/demo-request/

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