Be Inspired. Be a Changemaker

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If you’re a regular reader of this bog, you will know that at The TAS Group, we’re a small but active supporter of the WITNESS charity that was founded by musician Peter Gabriel. I first met Peter about three years ago at Davos, where I heard about his vision for what he called the ‘Youtube for Human Rights’. The work that the dedicated folks at WITNESS do is both humbling and uplifting and puts into perspective the value of what we do everyday.

Take 10 minutes from your busy day to view this video and then look at the WITNESS website to see what real change looks like. It will inspire you and enrich your life. It is important.

We will be supporting WITNESS at their annual fundraising gala in New York on December 2 this year. The event will be hosted by Peter Gabriel and will feature entertainment from Jimmy Cliff, Sheryl Crow and others. If you’d like to join us at that event in supporting WITNESS, please contact me at

If you just want to support WITNESS directly, then please just click here.

Go on be a Changemaker.



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