Sales 2.0 is not an excuse for sloppy work

2 minute read


The problem with easy to use technologies some times, is just that – they’re easy to use, and sometimes people can confuse simple with simplistic.This was brought home to me last week when I was speaking to a sales person who was really excited about sales 2.0, felt that the time had come to cast off his threadbare coat of traditional approaches to selling and to don a new shiny suit called sales 2.0. Why was he so excited? Well, he felt that the technology could do a lot of the work for him, and he wouldn’t have to work as hard, or think as hard about each sale.Well, he’s right about the first bit – sales 2.0 can help in many ways to automate tasks, share information, guide selling tasks, and remove many of the non-productive tasks that unfortunately are an all too common part of a sales person’s day.It’s the second part that I have a problem with. Although sales 2.0 can help guide sales activity, it cannot remove the requirement to think, or in this particularly case to target the customer appropriately, and then ask the hard questions to qualify ruthlessly. In this person’s case sales 2.0 meant 50% brain engagement – and that just doesn’t help at all. It just means you screw up faster.



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