Building the Next Generation of Sales Scientists

Where do you find sales scientists?

With the explosion of technology and the macro-trend of digital sales transformation, sales is aggressively moving from art to science. So where do you find sales scientists? And what’s required to build a sales scientist? Cari Baldwin joins us to talk about how you build the next generation of sales scientist to join your revenue team.

About our guest, Cari Baldwin

Cari is an inventive, data-driven professional with more than 20 years of marketing achievement. Through up-to-date knowledge of the latest technology in my field, she has been able to generate consistent powerful results. A marketer by trade, she has been able to drive healthy business growth through her expertise in multiple revenue models, and through productive collaboration with sales teams.

She’s drawn to the challenge of educating the next generation of marketers and providing the opportunity to make career dreams come true. A highlight of her career has been designing and implementing a curriculum for GreenFig, where they focus on making our students job-ready based on the skills required in the digital economy.

January 16, 2019