Cracking the Content Code – Morrissey Reports From the Seismic Shift Sales Enablement Conference

The intersection between sales, marketing, sales enablement, and content.

Host Patrick Morrissey, fresh off of the Sales Enablement Seismic Shift Conference in San Diego, discusses in his monologue the dynamics heard at the event about content strategy creation and management. There were a large number of sales leaders at the conference trying to understand the mechanics’ sales enablement and of telling a story with formal content so that salespeople are successful. Content is now being thought of as core to an integrated sales and revenue process.

Pat’s thoughts cover:

  • The intersection between sales, marketing, sales enablement, and content.
  • How to activate the revenue team with the right information that’s going to help them tell compelling stories that drive revenue.
  • Is there content fatigue? Are people being over-run by content?
  • Why there is a growing need for content to move the revenue needle.
  • How to develop content and assets to feed the sales team!
  • More content is not better content!
  • How content plays into the importance and discipline around process and regulation in many regulated industries.
  • How the rise of content marketing is a department function, not a junior marketing person’s task.
  • Why there has to be a diagnosis of who is using what content and when are they using it.

November 12, 2019