Customer Lifecycle: The Honest Truth

Why honesty is a competitive differentiator and how sellers are using radical candor in their selling motion.

Sellers when they first approach new customers will generally sell a utopian vision of what a product can do. There will be no mention of bumps in the road, but the road to transforming an organisation through software is seldom smooth. Our guest on the show Moe Goodman, Senior Director of Sales Enablement at CenturyLink, expects vendors who knock on his door, to give the honest truth of what the end to end journey will look like. He also outlines why that is a competitive differentiator and how his sellers are using radical candour in their selling motion. In the second half of the show, he redefines the carrot and stick approach to sales enablement. A show you cannot afford to miss.

Moe Goodman Bio:

With over 20 years of telecom experience, Moe has an extremely rare level of diversity in his roles across his career. Moe has been an operations technician, sales engineer, SE manager, and director, and did a stint in marketing and segment strategy before becoming Sr. Director of Sales Enablement at CenturyLink. Moe’s primary role now is driving the productivity of enterprise sales teams via tools, technology, skills, methodology, and communication. Enhancing the selling motion.

When Moe is not driving enterprise revenue growth for CenturyLink he spends his time with his wife Dee and his 5 children. You can also find Moe on the basketball court with a striped shirt on as he referees high school basketball in the Dallas, TX area or helping out with his church body as he is a leader in his church community.

April 15, 2020