How to build and develop great sales people and sales leaders

Learn what successful selling looks like and what you need.

Happy 2020 listeners. In this first part of this special highlight episode, Andrew Buckley from Traction on Demand hits on their manager training program and comes back to how they train and build the sales leaders later in the program. In the second half of this show, we hear from Doug Landis from Emergence Capital. He kicks into what successful selling looks like and what you need as well as the role of the revenue team.

About our guests:

Andrew Buckley is an innovative leader with a proven track-record building outstanding go-to-market teams that consistently exceed corporate targets. My core belief is that the role of a leader is to drive a culture of success through accountability and the creation of an environment that gets the best out of every member of the team.

Over the last 13 years, Emcap has invested in some of the biggest and brightest SaaS companies on the planet. During this time the team has gathered remarkable insights into the critical steps necessary to build a multi-billion dollar business. Doug Landis is there to help capture, elevate and share this wisdom with the Emcap portfolio companies and the greater SaaS community at large.

As a Growth Partner, his charter is to create a platform to create and share go to market insights and strategies that will help their portfolio companies scale, grow and ultimately become the next billion-dollar SaaS company.

January 1, 2020